Update from the Brown's Farm Board

Hello neighbors,

A few updates and reminders as we head into the weekend and the end of the school year.

On Monday, May 22 the pool, the clubhouse, pool, and tennis areas will be treated for mosquitos. No one can be on the tennis courts or at the pool when they are spraying, nor should you use the area until an hour after the treatment has been applied. Usually this takes place early in the morning making everything available by 10am. If there is a change to this we will send an update.

Pool reminders:

The pool is for residents and up to four guests only. Pool parties are prohibited. 

The slide is intended to be used in one direction DOWN! One person at a time, down the slide into the water. Please ensure your children follow the rules.

Upon departing the pool area, remove your trash, lower umbrellas, and return chairs as you found them.
We appreciate your support and wish you a wonderful weekend!

-Brown's Farm Board