ARC Violation Information

The entire process should take 60 days until a fine is assessed. Fines will continue indefinitely until the homeowner corrects the violation or appeals the violation in writing to the Registered Agent. The Registered Agent will record the Appeal and transmit it to the Board of Directors.
  • Homeowner receives first 30 day violation letter. (It is crucial to communicate with the management company at this time if a circumstance arises that will prevent you from correcting the violation in a timely manner.)
  • 30 days later homeowner receives final 10 day violation letter (must be sent certified & regular mail).
  • 30 days later Homeowner receives fine letter. First fine amount is always $125 and will be sent by certified and regular mail.
  • 30 days later homeowner receives second fine letter at $25 per day until violation is corrected (regular mail).
APPEAL PROCESS: Homeowner has 10 days to appeal a violation in writing after the date on the final violation letter. If appeal is not made, then violation is not challenged and a $25 per day fine will be assessed 10 days after date of final letter of violation is corrected.

If there are extenuating circumstances which prevent you from correcting a violation in a timely manner, please contact All-In-One Community Management in writing (email is acceptable) with your request for Appeal.