Trash Service Information

Waste Connections of Georgia


Trash, yard waste, and recycling must be at curb-side by the earliest possible service time on the Brown's Farm service day, Mondays, 7 AM.

Contracted rate is $59.00 per quarter or $19.99 a month.

Services include garbage, yard waste, and biweekly recycling.

  • One ninety-six (96) gallon cart for trash, no more than two cubic yards in volume of additional furniture, trash, or yard waste outside the can.
  • Moving boxes (20-30 at a time) are accepted and must be broken down completely flat and placed at the curb.
  • Yard waste must be contained in either a brown paper bag or loose in a separate trash container designated as yard waste. Loose clipping (i.e., branches and tree limbs) must be cut and bundled in sections no larger than four (4) inches in diameter. Individual limbs and branches must not exceed four (4) inches in diameter and cannot exceed thirty (30) pounds in weight.
  • One sixty-four (64) gallon RECYCLING CART for #1-#7 plastics, aluminum cans, aluminum foil & trays rinsed & cleaned, metal food & beverage cans, clear & colored glass, plastic bottles, wide mouth plastic containers & rigid plastics, newspapers, mixed paper, junk mail, magazines, phone books & catalogs, empty aerosol cans, cardboard, paperboard (including cereal boxes without the lining and frozen packages, etc.) and corrugated cardboard.

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