Effective May 5, 2022


POOL SCHEDULE: The pool will be open May 7, 2022 until Labor Day. Pool Hours are as follows:

May 7, 2022 to May 25, 2022 – Sun. to Thurs. 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Fri. & Sat. till 10:00 pm

May 26, 2022 to July 31, 2022 – Daily 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

August 1, 2022 to Labor Day -  Sun. to Thurs. 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Fri. & Sat. till 10:00 pm


We are a swim at your own risk pool. No lifeguards will be on duty. 

No Solo swimming is allowed. Having a swim buddy is always the safest way to use a pool


Pool Admittance: Homeowners in good standing will be issued Key Fobs for pool access. Electronic Locks are on a timer. Replacement fobs are $15 and cards $10 and must to be requested from All in One at [email protected].


CHILDREN under age 13 are NOT permitted in the pool area w/o parent or guardian (18 years or older).

 GUESTS: Each family is limited to 4 guests. A guest must be accompanied by a Brown's Farm resident at all times. Any Brown's Farm resident between 13 and 16 may bring one guest to the pool. If accompanied by an adult there may be 4 guests. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

PARTIES: Swim parties are not permitted.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: The consumption of food and beverages within the pool enclosure is permitted with the following stipulations: No glass containers of any kind are permitted inside the fenced area of the pool. Monitors have the responsibility to maintain a clean and attractive pool area. All trash and unconsumed food particles must be disposed of in the provided receptacles. Spilled beverages must be cleaned off tables and hosed off of the pool deck immediately.

No smoking is allowed.

SWIMWEAR, TOYS, FLOTATION DEVICES: Only regulation swimwear will be allowed. Cutoffs or thread-worn trunks cause pump damage and will not be permitted. The use of toys and flotation devices will be at the discretion of the parents. During crowded periods or if safety concerns arise residents may be asked to remove these items from the pool area. Flotation devices are not a substitute for parental supervision.

SANITARY GUIDELINES FOR TODDLERS: For our younger children, those who are not yet fully potty trained, special attention is needed regarding their swim attire. Synthetic/disposable diapers are not recommended in the pool as they can leave fecal debris in the pool. In the event of a diaper leak or other fecal debris being found the pool must be closed immediately and may not re-open until pool chemicals are added and the bacteria killed. There are special pool diapers/training pants on the market that you might want to consider. Whatever you do, rubber pants are a must. If you feel that you must use disposable diapers, they must be frequently changed and covered by rubber pants at all times. Failure to abide this rule can lead to the closure of the pool.

POOL CLOSINGS: It will be necessary on occasion to close the pool for unexpected maintenance or other reasons deemed necessary by Nautix Lifeguards & Maintenance LLC. The pool monitors will also have the authority to close the pool if weather is a concern for safety.

ADMISSION. Key Fobs have been made available to all residents.  Key Fobs will be active and working for residents in good standing. Key Fobs should not be shared with anyone outside of Browns Farm. The Key Fobs will be deactivated for abuse of pool rules. If your Key Fob is not working please contact All In One Management Company.  All In One are the only ones that can activate Key Fobs.

NOTE: The BF HOA and Nautix Lifeguards & Maintenance LLC reserve the right to change any rule as deemed necessary at any time for safety and well being of our residents and facility. Thanks to the many residents who have helped make our swimming facility safe and secure.


 To use the Water Slide, swimmers must be at least 48- tall or able to swim one pool length or be assisted by an adult.

 Only one rider at a time.

 Enter slide in sitting position.

 Ride slide feet first either sitting or lying down on back.

 Keep arms and feet inside flume. Do not stop on slide.

 No tubes, mats or life jackets permitted in flume.

 Exit splashdown pool area immediately.

 Form waiting line behind slide entry.

 WARNING - Pregnant women and riders with a heart or back condition should not use the slide.

 Failure to follow rules can result in serious injury and possible loss of pool and Water Slide privileges.

MISCELLANEOUS RULES for Pool and Lazy River:

 Practice common sense at all times.

 No diving, jumping, horseplay, or pushing someone into the pool

 No balls except soft Nerf type or beach halls. No tennis balls, basketballs, soccer balls, etc.

 No running on the pool deck.

 No gum is allowed inside the fenced area of the pool.

 No pets are permitted to enter the fenced area of the pool at any time.

 No bikes, skates, scooters, or such are allowed inside the fenced area of the pool.

 Parents should make sure that children do not bring bark chips and/or stones into the pool area.

 No smoking in or around the swim/tennis complex


 DISCIPLINE CONSEQUENCES. The primary responsibility for maintaining discipline at the pool rests with the parents. However, the pool monitors will maintain discipline for the safety of all involved. Splash Management Company has divided discipline into two categories:

  1. Violent problems which include, but are not limited to, fighting, being present under the influence of drugs or alcohol, tripping, vulgarism, theft, etc. and will be dealt with the following:

1st offense............One Full day out of the pool.

2nd offense………Full week out of the pool

3rd offense……….Indefinite ejection from pool, offender referred to HOA Board for permanent ejection.

  1. Non-Violent problems are to include, but not limited to, public display of affection offensive to others, running, rough-housing in or around the pool area general pool rule

infractions, yelling, boisterous conduct, etc. will be dealt with as follows.

1st offense............Verbal reprimand

2nd offense………15 minutes out of the pool.

3rd offense………1 hour out of the pool.

4th offense………1 day ejection from pool, and offender will be referred to the HOA Board for discipline

Non-compliance with any discipline by any defender will be construed as the next offense in the category. Any person who is ejected from the pool and refuses to leave or threatens the pool monitors will be reported to the police.


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